Who, why, what?

Thanks for joining me!

I have got to be honest, the creation of this blog is more to allow me to get some of the thoughts in my head down on paper… and if anyone relates so much the better.

So, who am i?

A 40 something bloke in London, who has worked in the business side of the sports industry for many years and recently had to leave my job because of increasing anxiety and stress, brought on by an increasingly passive-aggressive new management around me, which made me question myself in so many different ways, destroyed my confidence and has left me seeking a way back into a career that i had enjoyed so much previously.

The last few months have not been easy, going from a confident, fun, engaging person who loved 99% of my colleagues, loved the crack in the office, enjoying getting things done and had a real passion for what i did to someone who is isolated, frustrated and still battling the demons in my head which keep telling me i am no good and focusing on the bad times (the last 12 months) rather than the good times of the previous 20 years.

I guess this blog is to allow me to express my feelings on mental health, my views on the world (personal greed and empire building seems to drive people these days) rather than compassion, working with other people and achieving things together.

Additionally, hopefully it will allow me to give an insight into my day to day life, the hobbies i continue to try and enjoy (with ever decreasing funds at present!) and my love for football, music, cricket, reading, travel and so much more.

Feel free to comment, join in or just lurk and read away and if anything strikes a chord feel free to let me know.



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